Active project

Reconstruction of hospital KBC Dr. Dragiša Mišović ...

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Active project

Reconstruction of Pančevo hospital ...

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Active project

Construction of Correctional Institute for Women in Požarevac ...

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Active project

Construction of the Border-Crossing Point Bajmok between Republic ...

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The life cycle of a project can be viewed through a number of phases that can roughly be divided into phase pre-construction, construction and post-construction.

We believe that the greatest benefits for the entire project is being achieved at the pre-construction when it is possible to define a holistic project direction.

Pre-construction phase starts with the client decision that the potential project is the best way to achieve defined goals.

The most important output of this stage refers to the decision of whether investment from an economic perspective seems justified or not. The client would now need to have prepared a business case which should include an analysis of the client's business, organisation, existing facilities and future needs. Based on the business case project team through Value Management workshop ca further define project objectives.

We are committed from the very beginning to promote sustainable thinking with the goal of extending the life cycle of the building and reduce costs for facility management.

Our role is that of the client's objectives create multiple feasibility studies and show whether there is a financial cost effectiveness and what is the possibility of the project. Manage this through the following activities: a study of risk, public consultation, consultation with stakeholders and third parties, making geotechnical studies, environmental impact of the project on the environment, setting sustainable goals (eg BREEAM), risk analysis and safety, necessary permits and approvals, project cost estimates, potential ways of financing projects, analyzing sites for the construction.

If the project is viable and realistic the team formulates the project scope and project execution plan.

The strategy for the procurement of works is directly related to the project objectives. If the client requires a high quality product, then some of the new routes, such as construction management (CM), or management contracting (MC) would be our advice. For clients who require speed we recommend design & build route.

We can help our clients with:

  • feasibility studies
  • Project task
  • Design Management
  • planning costs
  • Procurement strategy
  • Design management
  • project management
  • licenses and permits