Active project

Reconstruction of hospital KBC Dr. Dragiša Mišović ...

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Active project

Reconstruction of Pančevo hospital ...

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Active project

Construction of Correctional Institute for Women in Požarevac ...

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Active project

Construction of the Border-Crossing Point Bajmok between Republic ...

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Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure Construction is an integral part of our business. Constant demand of clients for speeding the construction process requires more control over the activities on the critical path. Not uncommon to see that part of these activities are in the form of various excavation, soil stabilization, or the installation works. We provide in-house part of the services that allow us to deliver the project within the required timeframe of a certain quality and on budget.

We can help our clients with:

  • demolition of existing buildings and creating a plan of recycling
  • intensive excavation and disposal of surplus land
  • laying installation
  • filling and planning
  • stabilization of soil
  • production of asphalt
  • landscaping