Active project

Reconstruction of hospital KBC Dr. Dragiša Mišović ...

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Active project

Reconstruction of Pančevo hospital ...

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Active project

Construction of Correctional Institute for Women in Požarevac ...

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Active project

Construction of the Border-Crossing Point Bajmok between Republic ...

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Vision and strategy

The vision of our company is part of the founders and all of us. Tool for the realisation of our vision are the strategic goals that we take very seriously.


  • To be the first choice for all clients.
  • To be recognized as a company that provides high quality, safe and sustainable engineering solutions.


  • Safe operation as priority.
  • Work as one team.
  • Preserve the environment.
  • Collaboration is a key to success.
  • Win win strategy for all members of the project milieu.

Our strategy is based on the notion that only by constant improvement of people, processes and final product we can remain competitive in our sector. The following statements most closely shows how we plan to achieve our vision:

  • We will continue to invest in our employees in order to enhance the quality of final product.
  • We will continue to improve our processes in order to achieve more effective system.
  • We will show the value of application of new tools and processes.
  • We will support our engineers to improve their leadership skills.
  • We will build our projects from the good cooperation with the entire project coalition.