Active project

Reconstruction of hospital KBC Dr. Dragiša Mišović ...

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Active project

Reconstruction of Pančevo hospital ...

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Active project

Construction of Correctional Institute for Women in Požarevac ...

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Active project

Construction of the Border-Crossing Point Bajmok between Republic ...

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Who we are

Modulor is an engineering company led by outstanding professionals who with their commitment and love of the profession are contributing to the construction industry as a whole. We place a special focus on Clients care, Innovation, responsible Behavior, the development of People and Partnerships. Each of these elements is interlinked and we aspire to in our approach to integrate these all 5 elements.



Since our establishment, the client has been a central position, the driving force and foundation of the building concept. Our extensive and varied experience allows us to be in the successful implementation of projects and programs primarily guided by the wishes and needs of the client.

An important aspect of our approach is a commitment to co-operation and understanding with our clients and their business needs.



Founded in 1992, Modulor has been developing with industry trends and customer needs, and today culture of innovation is deeply embedded in our daily activities. We recognize the importance of cooperation between academia, practice, government, and we are trying to show examples of good practice in our projects.



The construction industry is massive in its size, which directly affects the quality of life for all of us. We strive to educate the members of the project coalition that today's approach to projects requires much more than construction. Environmental and occupational health and safety must be a priority of every organization involved in our projects. The importance of safety measures in our organization can be seen in our program aimed to eliminate all injuries by 2015.



We believe in our people. Our team is made of remarkable individuals, each of which contributes to the successful implementation of our projects. Investment in their skills is a prerequisite for future company growth.



Strategic partnerships are key to our survival. Collaboration and professionalism with our long-term partners are directly responsible for the successful implementation of over 200 projects.